Your vehicle is one of the milestone investments in your life. It willtoiled for you so many times and it is time you think about protecting your vehicle from unforeseen events such as theft or accident which can harm your vehicle. Considering the exorbitant motor repair costs these days even a slight damage to your vehicle can burn a hole in your pocket. Hence, it is prudent to purchase a Motor Insurance policy that understands the importance of an automobile in your life.

Werecognizes the importance of your vehicle and offers motor Insurance policies that take care of your vehicles in case of any unforeseen event. We offer the end-to-end motor insurance policies for your Commercial Vehicle along with the sale of a new vehicle or when it is time to renew the insurance policy. We have tie-up with major insurance service providers for a seamless experience for you and your vehicle.


Why sh​ould you buy a Motor Insurance?


A motor insurance is one of the most important aspects from your security perspective. With a motor insurance policy in place, you can safeguard yourself from the financial implications of an untoward incident involving your vehicle. Amongst many, a comprehensive motor insurance covers you against risk and perils such as theft, damage to the vehicle due to an accident and other listed reasons in along with any liability caused to a third party involving your vehicle. In addition to this, it is mandatory by law to have a third party liability motor insurance coverage while driving on Indian roads.


The fact that we know that vehicle insurance is mandatory should be sufficient to purchase one. However the advantages are plenty. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying motor insurance:


Your damages are covered:

Imagine running your vehicle into another car accidentally. Repairing frontal damages such as the bonnet, bumper damages, windshield damages and headlights may cost you easily around to burn a hole in your pocket. Can you imagine paying that out of your pocket? A motor insurance helps you take care of such unexpected expenses.


You are protected with third party insurance cover:

The third party motor insurance cover is mandatory in India. It covers any damage caused to a third party due to your car.


You can opt for a Personal Accident Add on Cover:

As part of the Optional Personal Accident cover, you can opt for a motor insurance cover that covers accidents anywhere in the world regardless of who is driving the car. Under this cover, you are insured against Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement.


The benefits of motor insurance along with the amazing discounts are a tempting reason to opt for a vehicle insurance purchase online.